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Ice and Water Shield Calculator

Use our diagram and free ice and water shield calculator below to calculate how much shielding you’ll need for your roof repair or rebuild.

Ice and Water Shield Calculator Diagram

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About Ice and Water Shield

Ice and water shield has the appearance of traditional felt paper underlayment but outperforms the traditional felt in waterproofing a home.


As the roof structure is made of wood, it must be protected from rain in any direction. In order to build a lasting roof, and one that is up to code, you must install ice and water shield that covers a significant portion upwards from the roof edge.


This should reach no lower than point directly over two feet inside the exterior wall, as the potential for water entry increases greatly at this portion of the roof.


More info can be found here.

Why You Need An Exact Calculation

Insurance adjusters are always looking out for the insurance companies’ best interests, but it’s a roofers job to build a strong, lasting roof for their clients. If you are to make a lasting roof, you must install the correct amount of ice and water shield.


Simply measure the roof angle, overhang, and exterior wall width, placing those measurements into the calculator above. Our free ice and water shield calculator will give you the exact length you need to install from the roof edge.


Provide this measurement with your estimate submission to the insurance adjuster, or submit your estimate to QuickPay Claims and we will ensure your claim will be processed quickly and completely, saving you the trouble and headache.