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Xactimate Estimating Service 

Premium Xactimate Supplements and Estimates

Xactimate supplements with QPC save time.  Premium Xactimate estimating service.  Outsource Xactimate supplements and make more money with estimates that pay. On time accurate estimates, and all of that by the best in the industry, QuickPay Claims, LLC!

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Xactimate Supplements and Estimates for Asbestos. Hurricanes. Water. Mold. And more...

Xactimate supplements and estimates are billed by the hour.  Not all Xactimate supplements or estimates are the same.  We use our decades of experience in the industry to get your Xactimate supplement services or estimate done quickly, saving you money with our low hourly rate of $99 per hour (interior restoration billed at $125/hour not to exceed 1.5%).  Some companies charge a percentage of the increase making what could be a $150 estimate a $1000+ estimate instead.  We believe in giving a superior service at a great hourly rate.  Our Xactimate estimating service for contractors is unmatched.

What counts towards the time?  The time we spend on your estimate includes the actual time studying the insurance estimate, pictures, and other submitted materials, writing the professional supplement or estimate, consultations with contractors when necessary, making photo reports, etc.  Even though all of this goes into making your Xactimate Supplement or estimate, the price can be as low as $49.50 for a basic non-complicated roof job.  

You the contractor can actually help to keep your estimate cost down!  How so?  Make sure that you submit everything we need on our submit page and only give us photos of the essentials.  We spend a lot of time looking through photos of every dent on a pipe jack or every impact on a shingle, or every water spot in a leaking ceiling, or every crack or chip in a piece of glass.  As a good rule of thumb, if you only give us a couple of pictures of each type of damage, this will be more than enough to write your Xactimate supplement or estimate.

With our industry leading fair pricing, you will experience a greater ROI and be able to help your clients get back in their homes.

Asbestos Xactimate Estimates

Asbestos Xactimate Estimates

Xactimate Supplements for water damage

Water Xactimate Supplements and estimates

Xactimate supplements and estimates for mold

Mold Remediation Xactimate Estimates


Xactimate Supplements and Estimates 1%

$150 Minimum

Professional Premium Xactimate estimate writing
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