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As we type this, the people of Houston, Texas and the surrounding area are taking a pounding like they could have never imagined.

Hurricane Harvey ran aground with everything it had, and then some. It’s already been called the worst flood storm the United States has ever seen, and storm damage is estimated to be in the $190 billion range, more than Hurricane Katrina.

We express our sincerest condolences to those suffering right now because of it. To those who are living in shelters now, or who are still waiting for a rescue, or to those who are on the brink of losing hope.

We want you to know we are firmly behind you and will do everything in our power to raise you up.

If you are able, we highly encourage you to make cash donations to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, or to your preferred disaster relief organization. Anything you can give will be well received by those who have lost homes, businesses, and even loved ones from this tragedy.

We will rebuild. We will work together. We will go on.

From all of us here at QuickPay Claims, we wish you a swift and full recovery.


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