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Ice and Water Shield on Roof

A wise roofing contractor always keeps the best tools in his or her arsenal. There’s a tool for every occasion and situation. When it comes to calculating ice and water shield, however, most contractors are stuck trying to do it on their own. There just hasn’t been a good tool out there… until now. QuickPay Claims has developed a free ice and water shield calculator to get the job done.

Available to all contractors, our free ice and water shield calculator can get you exactly the measurement you need to ensure your customers’ roofs are water-tight. With just a few measurements, our tool will determine how far you need to go, which helps you order material more accurately and provide a better product for your customers.


So How Does the Free Ice and Water Shield Calculator Work?

Free Ice and Water Shield Calculator Diagram

Simply go to our tool here and input your measurements for roof pitch, overhang length, and width of the exterior wall and we’ll do all the calculations for you.

The tool will spit out the exact length up from the edge of the roof that you need to cover with ice and water shield to properly protect the roof and build to code. You just need this number along with the lengths of the roof and, voila, you’ve got yourself a perfect measurement to order material.

This number is not only perfect for your ordering, but is also insurance-ready, and will keep your customers’ roofs from damage in future weather events.

The Calculator is Mobile

Perhaps even better than the calculations is the fact that this calculator is fully mobile-optimized. Just access the calculator on your phone or tablet right from the job site, and you’ll be able to get your measurements with just a few taps.

Give it a Try

There’s no better time than now to try our free ice and water shield calculator. There’s no obligations, no fees for entry, and no catches. Just a great, useful tool that any roofing contractor can use on their next reroof or roof repair.

Try it today and don’t forget to send it to all your estimators!


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