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Contractors are turning to QuickPay Claims to help them with the myriad of insurance claims in the restoration, roofing and asbestos fields on an almost daily basis. Why?

Quick-Pay-Claims-logo-sm2.fwThe answer is simple…we make the claims process a downright easy experience that makes sense for the contractor and assures they get paid quickly and without hassles from the insurance carriers.

Nothing is more frustrating for a contractor than trying to fill out the right forms, remembering what was supposed to have happened versus what did happen and get all the numbers right so it all adds to a little profit down the road.

That frustration is why QuickPay Claims was established…to give contractors a better way of processing claims without all the headaches. We take care of processing the claim and the restoration contractor can now concentrate on what he/she does best…rebuilding.

If you’re a contractor who is tired of filling out forms, tired of being questioned by insurance adjusters over dry times, equipment usage or materials used, then you owe it to yourself to give us a call today.

In most cases, we not only get contractors more money but they get paid quicker. Hey, we know all about cash flow and when you have to wait months to get paid that really hurts the bottom line. So call today and discover an easier way…a simpler way…a better way of processing your insurance claim.

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