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With 75 years of experience, our team will consult, assist, and train you on how to make the restoration insurance claims system work for you.

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Our expert team will provide business consulting, answer your insurance claims questions, and advise your team on best practices for invoicing.

Claims Support

We know the damage claims process inside and out. Let us handle the numbers and we promise we’ll get you more for less.

Live Walkthroughs

We’ll walk with you on the job site, ask the right questions, and train your team on maximizing returns from your Xactimate work.

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated.

We’ve helped restoration contractors all over the country. You could be next.

We’ve Helped With A Ton Of Claims

Seriously, we’ve killed it with restoration contractors everywhere by getting them more money with a faster turnaround.

$166k → $250k

NFIP Rebuild Claim

$45k → $79k

NFIP Rebuild Claim

$125k → $231k

Commercial Roof Claim

$92k → $232k

Commercial Roof Claim

There are hundreds upon hundreds more claims like these.

And we can work the same magic with your insurance claims. Just give us a call.

Numbers Are Only Half The Story

Since I’ve started using QuickPay Claims I’ve had more family time and I’ve gotten paid much quicker than I ever have before.


Baltimore, MD

Having my reps simply fill out the scope forms and take a few pictures allows them to knock on more doors which equal more sales!


Longmont, CO

If everyone used QuickPay Claims I may have to find a new job. You guys are very consistent and easy to work with.


Allstate 3rd Party Provider

You can be the next success.

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