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Xactimate Online Estimates Services

Xactimate online estimates by Quick Pay Claims help contractors to create accurate, reliable, and optimized Xactimate estimates to send to insurance companies.  Contractors submit job details on a simple form and receive an Xactimate Estimate ready to download and send to the insurance company…Saving time and getting more out of their jobs.

Project Consultation And Xactimate Estimate Review

Stop Leaving money on the table. We can help you claim more with our Xactimate Online Estimates service.

QuickPayClaims can provide an Xactimate Estimate Review and Project Consultation, resulting in more revenue for any residential or commercial property insurance claims. Often times, we see restoration companies missing finite details in their claims process they had no knowledge of that cost them additional revenue.

Don’t be this company that could have received more money and a quicker payout by using QuickPay Claims!

Fire Restoration Xactimate Claim Help

Fires can be devastating, but restoration contractors can bring hope and new beginnings.

The only problem is estimating a fire rebuild can be a complex nightmare. Remembering what form needs to be filled out, what services were performed, or how many pieces of equipment you had on the job site can lead to mistakes in your claim submission.

This is where QuickPay Claims comes in. We help fire restoration contractors get the most from their rebuilds and restorations. We know the claims process inside and out to make sure you’re doing less work while getting more money back.  Let us take care of your Xactimate Online Estimates.

We’d be glad to answer all your questions and let you know how easy fire rebuild claims can be, not to mention how fast you’ll get paid for your insurance claims.

Chat with us live to the right if you have any questions.

Hail and Wind Supplements

Hail, extreme wind, hurricanes, and tornados can wreak havoc on buildings causing severe damage. As a contractor, your job is to restore those disasters back to like-new condition; a task that can often seem daunting.

When you’re putting together your Xactimate insurance claim invoice, there’s no room for error or guessing. You need exact numbers that will give you results that are worth your time.

With QuickPay Claims, your hail and wind rebuild invoices will be more profitable and insurance companies will process them faster than ever before.

Chat with us live to the right if you have any questions about our Xactimate online estimates service.

Mold Estimates

Moisture plus heat usually results in mold. When buildings incur water damage without proper cleanup, drying, or ventilation, the results could turn hazardous.

As a mold remediation and abatement contractor, you need to be properly trained in the containment and removal of mold. But even with years of experience working with mold, some contractors are making huge mistakes in their mold insurance claim invoices and lose out on thousands of dollars from their services.

Let the professionals at QuickPay Claims help. We assist contractors every day in properly formatting their claims so they don’t lose out on important profits.  Xactimate online estimates services by QuickPay Claims, LLC will increase your ROI.

If you have any questions please feel free to chat with us to the right.

Water Mitigation Estimates

Structural damage caused by water can be severe. With the proper tools and training, water mitigation and restoration contractors can assist in restoring structures back to the way they were, but getting an accurate insurance claim is the first step.

If you’re that contractor and your job is to restore a building back to pre-damage conditions, then you know how stressful presenting an invoice to an insurance adjuster can be. It’s not always easy.

Did you remember all the details? Did you record all the service trips? Did you jot down all the equipment and properly mark when it was being used?

At QuickPay Claims, we specialize in helping you process those water mitigation insurance claim invoices. We catch mistakes that can ultimately increase your invoice total by anywhere from 30-200%.

Why leave that kind of money on the table? Why not get paid for everything you do?  Get an Xactimate online estimates service today!

Asbestos Removal Estimates

You’ve been called into a house or building only to discover asbestos floors and insulation. If you’ve been trained in the proper removal of asbestos, you know there are certain protocols to follow.

Those protocols require extra paperwork, but most contractors have a hard time filling out those forms and end up losing thousands of dollars when submitting their claims to insurance companies.

So how does QuickPay Claims can help contractors removing asbestos? We review your invoices and forms and we correct those mistakes. By fixing any mistakes or missing points in your asbestos claim forms, we can not only ensure you’ll be covered but we can also end up earning you thousands more on your claims.

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